Certificate Program in ADR

     The Certificate Program continues the Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution's (the Center) tradition of serving the needs of our culturally diverse society by providing comprehensive education and training in alternative dispute resolution processes. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) means using techniques other than litigation and violence to resolve disputes. The Center uses the principles of ADR that actually work in resolving everyday conflicts.

     The Certificate Program is designed specifically to meet the challenges encountered in today's increasingly diverse world. Participants are provided with the knowledge and understanding vital to the constructive resolution of disputes in the workplace, community, schools, family, and beyond. The program demystifies the origins of conflict and provides participants with the tools to minimize, manage, and resolve future conflicts wherever they might occur.

Philosophy and Instructional Model

     The Center's Certificate Program employs a learning model that is structured to explore and integrate relevant theories and processes during the development of each participant's personal and professional style.

     The Certificate Program's primary emphasis is to provide candidates with an array of highly transferable dispute resolution skills. The course format is highly participatory and integrative. Self-diagnostic instruments and activities are used to help candidates analyze and understand how they currently process disputes. This information provides the basis for equipping the candidates with alternative conflict resolution strategies and techniques. The courses utilize a combination of mini-lectures, role plays, case studies, written analysis, and Socratic dialogues.

     Our latest 2018 brochure outlines all the program courses and requirements.